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Find True North | Preaching or Pork Chops
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Preaching or Pork Chops

Preaching or Pork Chops

I’m reading a book by Kerry W. Willis called “Relational Leadership,” and wanted to share this excerpt…it really hit me!

In a certain town there was a preacher and an atheist. The preacher would often stop by and visit with the atheist, trying to talk him toward faith in God. It wasn’t working at all. One day the atheist was sick in bed, so after their visit the preacher had to show himself out the front door. As he was leaving, it suddenly dawned on him that there was no heat in the house and it was wintertime. As he passed through the kitchen, out of curiosity, he peeked in the refrigerator. There was no food in it. On the way home the preacher made two stops. First, he stopped by the coal company and paid for a delivery to the address of the atheist. Second, he went into a supermarket with a delivery service and placed a basic grocery order to be dropped off at the address of the atheist as well. As he left the supermarket, he turned to the clerk and told him to add some pork chops to the list. A week later the preacher received a call from the son of the atheist. The son explained that his father had died but had left a note beside his bed for the preacher. The note was short by sweet. “Tell the preacher that I accepted his Jesus as my own and it wasn’t the preaching but the pork chops that won me over.”

Even if it takes pork chops, people who love Jesus and the people for whom He died preach sermons with their lives.

Eric Schram
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