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Find True North | Core Values
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Core Values

Christ wants to do more for us than simply forgive. He wants to restore us. Look at the miracles He did: The blind saw, the lame walked, the dead were raised to life. Christ was trying to show us something. Look! This is what I want to do for you! I want to restore you.

If you will look again at the ways in which Christ ransoms people, the means by which he makes a man or woman come fully alive, you’ll find he offers his life to us through Four Streams. Those are Discipleship, Warfare, Counseling, and Healing.

The terms might sound familiar; but for so many of us they are familiar in the way that we’ve heard Saturn has rings around it or that Antarctica is a frozen continent. Our actual experience of the Four Streamsis not what it could be… if it were, we should be “the glorious ones” by now (Ps. 16:3). It will help to think of them as Walking with God, Spiritual Warfare, Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel, and Deep Restoration.

These Four Streams are the Core Values of True North Ministries and they guide all that we do and say.

  • DiscipleshipWalking with God in conversational intimacy.
  • WarfareSpiritual Warfare is live and well and we live and teach the good fight.
  • CounselingReceiving God’s Intimate council through its various forms.
  • Healing – And a deep and true restoration and repentance.